Tango Viejo: Solo piano tangos performed by Bill Matthiesen

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This recording presents a stunning sampler of the richly varied, romantic tangos written for solo piano during the early years of the twentieth century.

Tango Viejo means "old tango." Dating from 1880 to 1920, these early piano tangos are truly a forgotten part of the Argentine soul. During this period the composers of the guardia vieja, or "old guard," experimented with the tango's form and style. Their piano arrangements capture not only the flavor of that era, but also document the evolution of this beautiful music.

cover of Aeroplano music This CD includes:
1. Prendete del Aeroplano by Jose Ezcurra (4:03)
2. El Trillador by Alejandro C. Rolla (4:02)
3. Rio Quarto by R. Alberto Lopez Buchardo (2:36)
4. En la Rambla by Manuel Aroztegui (4:06) [audio sample]
5. El Popular by Alfredo A. Bevilacqua (5:52) [audio sample]
6. La Cotorrita by Samuel Castriota (2:32) [audio sample]
7. La Rosarina by Ricardo Gonzalez (3:10)
8. Flor del Aire by Eduardo Bolter Bulterini (3:31)
9. Velada Criolla by Domingo Perez (4:17) [audio sample]
10. Raspail by G. H. Matos Rodriguez (2:49) [audio sample]
11. El Bigua by Carlos Posadas (5:03)
12. Suelo Argentino by Juan de Dios Filiberto (3:32)
13. Belgique by Enrique Delfino (3:40)
cover of Cachafaz music) 14. El Gallito by Roberto Firpo (3:06) [audio sample]
15. El Cachafaz by Manuel Aroztegui (3:52)
16. Sentimiento Criollo by Roberto Firpo (3:07)
17. Compositor by Hernando Caino (3:22) [audio sample]
18. La Guitarrita by Eduardo Arolas (3:54)
19. Canaro by Jose Martinez (3:43) [audio sample]

Sheet music for these tangos is available in Argentinean Tangos for Keyboard,
reproductions from original partituras (sheet music) of 42 original piano tangos from the guardia vieja, all from Bill Matthiesen's sheet music collection. View sample pages from the book.

View more sheet music covers from Bill Matthiesen's extensive collection of early tango music.

cover of En la Rambla

For background on the guardia vieja tangos on the CD, read Bill's notes on the history of tango from the Introduction to Argentinean Tangos for Keyboard.


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