The Civil War Ballroom Band Book
Music for a Midcentury Victorian Ball

"THE CIVIL WAR BALLROOM BAND BOOK is a remarkably informative and complete resource for reenactors, history teachers, dance organizers and Victoriana enthusiasts. It's a great collection of authentic dance music, with quotes from dancing masters of the period. It even has clear instructions on how to play the music, call the dances and organize your event to best achieve the joy and the spirit of an authentic Civil War ball."

Jay Ungar, composer of "Ashokan Farewell"

Civil War Ballroom Band Book cover

This collection supplies enough sheet music for two full-length Victorian balls: over 70 different tunes, including all those from The Civil War Ballroom CD. Harmony parts are provided for over half the music, plus trumpet parts for seven pieces. All music is from mid-nineteenth century sources, with source information for each piece. The introduction includes notes on how to play the music, ideas for instrumentation and sources for additional music and information.
91 pages; spiral-bound.

"Good music should be provided, for bad music will spoil the best dancing, and destroy both the beauty and the pleasure of the entertainment."

Charles Durang,
The Fashionable Dancer's Casket; or
The Ball-Room Instructor (1856)

Introduction: Recreating Civil War-era Balls
Notes on the Music
Additional Resources
Additional Midcentury Dance Tunes

Civil War Grand March Medley (melody)
Civil War Grand March Medley (harmony part)
Civil War Grand March Medley (Bb trumpet part, melody)
St. Louis Grand March [G.H. Draper, 1851]
Parade March [Johann Strauss, 1843]
Stephen Foster Grand March Medley (melody)
Stephen Foster Grand March Medley (harmony part)

Prima Donna Waltz [L.A. Jullien, 1851] (melody + harmony)
Prima Donna Waltz (Bb trumpet part, melody + harmony)
Byerly's Waltz [from an 1854 collection] (melody + harmony)
Byerly's Waltz (Bb trumpet part, melody + harmony)
Spanish Waltz (melody + harmony)
Cachucha or Spanish Dance [from an 1859 collection] (melody + harmony)
Kiss Waltz [Il Bacio, L.A. Arditi, 1859]
Morning Star Waltz [J. Lanner, from an 1854 collection] (melody + harmony)
Evening Star Waltz [J. Lanner, from an 1854 collection] (melody + harmony)
Souvenir de Barcelona Waltz [from an 1863 collection] (melody + harmony)
Charming Waltz [C. Kinkel, 1858] (redowa or waltz, melody + harmony)
Charming Waltz (Bb trumpet part, melody + harmony)
Bluebird Polka Redowa (or waltz) [from an 1867 collection]
Willie Mazurka [J. Bellak, 1857] (also works for a waltz; melody + harmony)

Cally Polka [A. Dodworth? 1846] (melody + harmony)
Cally Polka (Bb trumpet part, harmony)
Jenny Lind Polka [A. Wallerstein, before 1845] (melody + harmony)
Jenny Lind Polka (Bb trumpet part, harmony)
Sontag Polka [from an 1854 collection] (melody + harmony)
Pearl Polka [from an 1854 collection] (melody + harmony)

Wrecker's Daughter Galop [from an 1858 collection] (melody + harmony)
Sans Souci Galop [J. Ascher, before 1869] (melody + harmony)
Sans Souci Galop (Bb trumpet part, harmony)
William Tell Overture [G. Rossini, 1829] (a galop)
Rosa Galop [I. Ascher, 1855] (melody + harmony)

Crystal Schottische [W. Byerly, 1853] (melody + harmony)
Rainbow Schottische [H. Kleber, before 1854] (melody + harmony)
Diamond Schottische [J.F. Sebache, 1852]
Zouave Schottische [F.E. Garrett, before 1861]

Lancer's Quadrille [1858 orchestration] (melody + harmony)
No. 1: La Dorset (Les Tiroirs)
No. 2: Lodoiska (Les Lignes)
No. 3: La Native (Les Moulinets)
No. 4: Les Graces (Les Visites)
No. 5: Les Lanciers

Durang's Triplet Galop Quadrille (Schomberg Galop, melody + harmony)

Bohemian Polka Quadrille [from an 1863 collection]
No. 1: Serious Family Polka (melody + harmony)
No. 2: Baden Baden Polka
No. 3: Zingara Polka
No. 4: Bohemian Polka
No. 5: Little Jeanette Polka (melody + harmony)

Virginia Reel Medleys
1. Irish Washerwoman + Arkansas Traveler + Turkey in the Straw
2. Civil War Medley (melody + harmony)
3. Go to the Devil + Garry Owen + Larry O'Gaff (melody + harmony)
4. Fisher's Hornpipe + Flowers of Edinburgh + Speed the Plough

Country Dances
Stephen Foster Medley: Nelly Bly + Swanee River (melody + harmony)
Ethiopian Medley: Buffalo Gals + Camptown Races
Jig Medley No. 1: Rustic Reel + Gobby-O
Soldier's Joy + College Hornpipe (melody + harmony)
Jig Medley No. 2: The Tempest + Land of Sweet Erin
La TempÍte
Scotch Reel Medley: Miss McLeod's Reel and Devil's Dream

Music Sources and Notes


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