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Secrets to Great Soil: A Grower's Guide to Composting, Mulching, and Creating Healthy, Fertile Soil for Your Garden and Lawn
by Elizabeth P. Stell. Storey Publishing, 1998.

The easiest, most dramatic way to improve any garden is to improve its soil. As you build up your soil, it will become crumbly and easy to dig. You'll be rewarded with healthy plants that look better and produce better, even when subjected to weather quirks such as droughts or cold spells. Learn how to recycle garden and kitchen wastes into compost, strategies for problem soils, and tips for tailoring any soil to suit your needs, from lawns to vegetables and container gardens. Whether you're just starting out or a seasoned gardener, you'll find what you need here to nurture your patch of earth.

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Rodale's Successful Gardening: Landscaping with Perennials
by Elizabeth P. Stell; plant encyclopedia by C. Colston Burrell. Rodale Books, 1995.

Growing perennials is a fun way to add color and beauty to any landscape. Learn how to develop plantings that enhance your yard and thrive with minimal care. Discover great ways to turn difficult slopes, wet spots, and shady areas into eye-catching landscape features. Get ideas for color-theme gardens or a butterfly garden, or a relaxed meadow or cottage garden.

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The Civil War Ballroom Band Book:
Music for a Midcentury Victorian Ball

compiled by Liz Stell & Bill Matthiesen, 2005.

"The Civil War Ballroom Band Book is a remarkably informative and complete resource for reenactors, history teachers, dance organizers and Victoriana enthusiasts. It's a great collection of authentic dance music, with quotes from dancing masters of the period. It even has clear instructions on how to play the music, call the dances and organize your event to best achieve the joy and spirit of an authentic Civil War ball."

--Jay Ungar, composer of "Ashokan Farewell"

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Pugliese's Dances for The Civil War Ballroom
by Patri J. Pugliese
edited and published by Elizabeth P. Stell, 2011.

A pocket manual of instructions for dances on The Civil War Ballroom recording by Spare Parts. To help recreate a Victorian ball, the manual also includes "Etiquette of the Ballroom" and "A Note on Ballroom Refreshments." Includes the most fashionable mid-nineteenth-century dances with detailed explanations, plus abbreviated calls for the set dances. A companion DVD provides video lessons for the couples dances.

Storey Country Wisdom Bulletins:
Improving Your Soil (A-202)
by Stu Campbell,
updated and revised by Elizabeth P. Stell.
Storey Communications, Inc., 1999.
Fertilizers for Free (A-203)
by Charles Siegchrist,
updated and revised by Elizabeth P. Stell.
Storey Communications, Inc., 1999.
All the Onions (A-204)
by Betty Jacobs,
updated and revised by Elizabeth P. Stell.
Storey Communications, Inc., 1999.

Teacher's Resource Guide to Accompany Introductory Horticulture (5th ed. of textbook by H. Edward Reiley and Carroll L. Shry)
by Elizabeth P. Stell. Delmar Publishing, 1996.

Time-Machine EarthTM User's Guide
(manual for software program)
Sageware Corp., 1991.
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